Counselors in Quincy, IL

Counselors in Quincy, IL

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Jerry Walker

Jerry Walker MA, LCPC, NCC

I am a psychotherapist with a private counseling practice in Quincy, IL since 1999, working with children, adults, couples and families. It is my goal to empower people to take on the challenges their lives encounter and aid them in becoming the most confident and capable people they can become. If you are ready to take the first step in becoming the best version of you, I am here to help. 

Mason Greenwood

Mason Greenwood, PhD, LPC, NCC

In both school and private practice, I've dedicated myself to making a difference in people's lives. While my focus has shifted from schools, I remain committed to advocating for those in need, particularly individuals who have faced trauma.

With experience across all age groups, I wear multiple hats - clinician, supervisor, and counseling educator. Yet, my primary role is always that of a clinician. My aim is to bring a personal touch to sessions, fostering strong therapeutic bonds and understanding each client's unique perspective.

I see it as my duty to walk alongside clients through their journey of self-improvement, embracing challenges with unwavering positivity. Supporting individuals in their self-discovery is a true privilege I cherish every day.